Club and society mailings

Simplifying your magazine distribution

If you would like The Amadeus Press to take care of mailing your magazines, we would be happy to help.

Our dedicated club and society mailings team are able to offer commercial posting rates which are often substantially cheaper than over the counter stamps. Another benefit of bulk mailings from The Amadeus Press is the use of a return address, which allows you to monitor your membership subscriptions effectively.

Frequently asked questions

We cater to both small and large quantities, providing flexibility to meet the specific needs of your club or society.

We can include a variety of materials, such as magazines, newsletters, promotional inserts, and other relevant content in your mailings.

We prioritise data security and confidentiality. Your mailing lists and subscriber information are handled with strict adherence to privacy standards.

Postage costs are calculated based on factors such as mailing volume, destination, and postage class. We provide transparent pricing to help you plan your budget.

Yes, we optimise addressing and sorting to qualify for postal discounts, helping you reduce mailing costs for your club or society.

Allow us to help you with your next club and society mailing

Get in touch with our friendly team today, and we’ll gladly help answer any of your questions to bring your ideas to life and make your vision a reality.